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Mauritius Union launch new corporate identity


Mauritius Union launch new corporate identity

Mauritius Union announced, on Friday 28 Septembers the launch of a new name and brand identity that corresponds with its renewed strategic direction. Mauritius Union has been rebranded as MUA. This includes Mauritian brands – Mauritius Union General Insurance, La Prudence Life Insurance, Feber Associates, National Mutual Fund and Associated Brokers – and the Phoenix Assurance brands in East Africa.

For 70 years, Mauritius Union provided comprehensive insurance services to Mauritians. Its 2014 acquisition of Phoenix Transafrica Holdings Ltd (PTHL), trading as Phoenix Assurance in four East African countries, was the start of a series of important changes. These included a complex expansion that took the Group beyond Mauritius, giving it a foothold in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, and the launch of a series of strategic plans.

“Our expansion meant that we had to understand new operating markets, find new ways of conducting business and adapt to new cultural dynamics. The result was not only impressive economies of scale, but also the creation of platforms on which we could share our collective knowledge efficiently and effectively.” says Bertrand Casteres, the Group CEO of MUA.

Bertrand Casteres, Group CEO, MUA

With the Group’s expansion has come the need to consolidate its position, both internally and within the marketplace, as an established and united regional business. It is this drive that has led to the establishment of MUA. “For us, MUA represents a family that shares the same vision and values,” says the Group CEO . “We believe that, by coming together, we are sending a strong and unequivocal message about our ambitions to provide quality insurance services across the African continent and beyond.”

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