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The Hive celebrates Startup Day with focus on access to market for SME’s

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The Hive celebrates Startup Day with focus on access to market for SME’s

The Startup Day is celebrated internationally this 11 March.  On this occasion The Hive, in collaboration with Thinkroom Consulting, is organizing a series of Talks & Workshops on the 14th of March 2019 around the theme: Access to Market for SME’s.

These sessions will help SMEs/Startup to get off with a great start on the developing market access. Team of The Hive designed those sessions to provide entrepreneurs and those working with entrepreneurs with an understanding of building and growing business, and equipping participants on how to get prepared to access the specific Market. The event will take place at The Hive Cap Tamarin.

The speakers 

Cyril Quintyn (Co-owner Adhoc)

« Going E-Commerce Internationally » Through his Talk, Cyril Quintyn will explain us how to prepare our business before going e-commerce internationally. He will lead us through the e-commerce journey, making us rethinking about our offer (products or services), the logistics,  the e-tailing strategy, the e-marking challenges, among others.
Catherine Young & Anje De Clercq (Owner of Thinkroom Consulting & Master Entrepreneurship Guru).

Catherine Young (Owner of Thinkroom Consulting)

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in the creation of jobs in many countries across the world. We are passionate about growing SMEs jointly with our clients and assist clients to determine their SME development strategy from conception to ultimate management of the interventions towards success. Our work is based in solid research and methodical project management, and we have assisted a wide variety of
corporations to grow their SME base successfully. We have a chance to impact job creation positively through developing small businesses.

Anje De Clercq (Master Entrepreneurship Guru)

The university of life has brought about amazing experience and opportunities as entrepreneur and working closely with other entrepreneurs and business. This includes taking an idea and turning it into a feasible business opportunity well as growing or optimizing existing business based. Other areas of expertise include: Go-To-Market,
digital marketing, entrepreneurship and ESD program design, implementation, coaching, program management and content development.

Mélanie Nicolin & Anaïs Leclézio (Co-founders of Tapaz)

Anais & Mélanie, both founders of Tapaz (advertising and marketing agency), will speak about « Crafting designs for Digital Campaigns ». Through this talk they will explain the importance of design in digital strategies, give tips regarding which type of visuals work well in that space. They will also cover how small companies can advertise online despite having tight budgets and resources.

Harrish Chandr Bheemul (CEO of Train 2 Gain)

Harrish Bheemul, a PhD holder in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, from the University of Greenwich (UK) is a
multi-talented individual and a strategic thinker. At 42 years of age, he has a rich career across several fields including Education, Engineering, Management and ICT. Besides being one of the rising Entrepreneurs over the past 5 years, he is today regarded as a popular and influential public figure among his peers. Following the projects ‘Women of the Year Awards’ and ‘Promising Indians’ African Awards’ in December 2018, Prof. Bheemul is today, considered by many as an important vehicle is the empowerment of women in Mauritius. Furthermore, he is the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Riche Mare (Central Flacq) and has been very active socially – focussing on the two of the main priorities of Rotary International, i.e. Education and Health. On the 14th of March, Prof. Harrish Bheemul will speak about « Transforming SMEs using Digital Marketing » .

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